Siler City

Siler City: Bienvenido a Trabajar
Runtime: 07:45

The 1990 Census showed that 180 Latino residents lived in the rural town of Siler City, North Carolina. That number soon began to change as people began moving to the area for work in Siler City’s two poultry processing plants. Today, the plants have closed down but over 3,000 (approximately half of the population) Siler City residents are Latino. Siler City: Bienvenido a Trabajar profiles the people behind Tienda Loma Bonita, which serves as a one stop grocery store, butcher shop, taqueria and taste of Oaxaca in North Carolina.

Indie Grits 2018

Published by ava

Director Ava Lowrey is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Duke University’s MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts. Since 2005, Ava has been using multimedia to connect with a larger audience and as a means of social activism. As creator of PeaceTakesCourage, millions have viewed Ava’s work and she has been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, CNN, Mother Jones Magazine, and more. As a director Ava has completed multiple short documentaries and screened at festivals across the country. A native of Alexander City, Alabama, Ava’s films often focus on her southern roots, sharing untold stories centered in the American south.