Ira Wallace: A Seed With A Story

Ira Wallace: A Seed With A Story
Runtime: 09:57

At our 2016 Southern Foodways Symposium, we honored Ira Wallace with our 2016 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award. This documentary short highlights this incredible woman along with the seeds and stories she has worked tirelessly to save. Thanks to Wallace the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers over 700 seed varieties, specializing in heirloom and open-pollinated varieties.

In addition to being the driving force behind Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Ira is a founder of Acorn Community in Mineral, Virginia, “An egalitarian, income-sharing, secular, anarchist, feminist, consensus-based intentional community supporting radical sharing, positive communication, compassion, consent culture, sustainability, and anti-oppression activism.”

Find out more about the work of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:

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