Art is Work

Art Is Work: in the Studio with Travis Somerville Runtime: 05:51 This short doc profiles artist Travis Somerville at work on his latest installation, “The Content of our Character,” commissioned by the Southern Foodways Alliance and 21c Museum Hotels.

One Stop

One Stop Runtime: 06:47 Owner Heather Ehl and cook Patrick McMillan have been working together for over 20 years at Mac’s 1 Stop, a gas station and lunch counter that feeds Birmingham’s downtown laborers, from the construction workers building a quickly changing city to the nurses and doctors that care for Birminghamians.

Collection & Collage

Collection & Collage: in the Studio with Ghost of a Dream Runtime: 05:22 Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was are a husband and wife artist collective known as Ghost of a Dream. Together, they reclaim discarded food packaging waste and create beautiful art installations in this short documentary.

Plated Prose

Plated Prose Runtime: 06:52 Ravi Howard is an award winning writer, producer, and professor of creative writing and creative nonfiction at Florida State University. Ravi’s writing draws from the history and context of his Montgomery, Alabama upbringing. In this short documentary, Ravi digs through the Lupton Collection at the University of Alabama, discovering self-crafted narrativesContinue reading “Plated Prose”

A Gift: The Neighbor’s Field

A Gift: The Neighbor’s Field Runtime: 03:57 This short profiles 2018 Egerton Prize Winner The Neighbor’s Field, a ministry intended to create a safe and healing space for former refugees living in the Comer, Georgia, area to independently practice sustainable agriculture.

From the Ground Up: Germaine Jenkins and Fresh Future Farm

From the Ground Up: Germaine Jenkins and Fresh Future Farm Runtime: 03:41 A short 2018 Egerton Prize Winner Germaine Jenkins and Fresh Future Farm, a local nonprofit in North Charleston, South Carolina, that is creating economic development opportunities and empowering lives through sustainable farming programs and healthier onsite grocery services


Souped: The Pinto Bean Story Runtime: 08:32 In Kentucky, Soup Beans serve as both a culinary staple of the region and a communal dish that connects Kentuckians past and present.


Dol Runtime: 05:15 For over 30 years Dolester “Dol” Miles has served as Executive Pastry Chef at Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega, Bottega Cafe, and Chez Fonfon, creating a legacy of delicious desserts and leaving a lasting mark on the Birmingham, Alabama, dining scene.


Hugo Runtime: 07:49 Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Hugo Ortega immigrated to the United States in 1984. Ortega began his Houston restaurant career as a dishwasher at Backstreet Café. By 1995, he had graduated from culinary school and claimed the title executive chef. Today, along with his wife Tracy Vaught, chef Hugo Ortega owns andContinue reading “Hugo”

A Visible Tapestry: In the Studio with Lina Puerta

A Visible Tapestry: In the Studio with Lina Puerta Runtime: 05:52 At the Southern Foodways Alliance 2017 Fall Symposium we continued an art initiative in partnership with a multi-year grant from 21c Museum Hotels. SFA welcomed artist Lina Puerta and her beautiful installation, From Field to Table: Seven Tapestries Honoring Latino Farm Laborers from theContinue reading “A Visible Tapestry: In the Studio with Lina Puerta”